The Cameroon International Tech Summit (CITS24) rolled on with its regional Innovation Weeks, setting its sights on Dschang, the heart of the Western Region, in February 2024. This picturesque town, nestled amidst rolling hills and a vibrant cultural scene, played host to a week-long celebration of technology and its potential to revolutionize Cameroon’s economic landscape.

The event pulsed with the energy of a diverse range of participants – passionate entrepreneurs, skilled developers, curious students, and seasoned industry leaders. Here’s a glimpse into the key highlights that made Dschang Innovation Week a resounding success:

  • Hacking for Change: The week witnessed a thrilling 48 hours hackathon Participants tackled real-world challenges faced by the Western Region, focusing on theme ” AI powered climate smart Agriculture and food security”. The creativity and problem-solving skills on display were truly inspiring.
  • Startup Showdown: Aspiring entrepreneurs from Dschang and beyond took the stage at the pitch contests. They presented their groundbreaking ideas and innovative business models to a panel of esteemed judges and potential investors. The pitches were met with enthusiasm, sparking a wave of optimism for the future of Cameroon’s tech scene.
  • Knowledge Nuggets: Masterclasses delivered by industry experts provided a treasure trove of valuable knowledge. Attendees gained insights on critical topics ranging from blockchain technology to digital marketing strategies. These sessions equipped participants with the tools and knowledge they need to thrive in the ever-evolving tech landscape.
  • Collaboration Cornerstone: Dschang Innovation Week wasn’t just about competition and learning – it was also about fostering connections. Networking events provided ample opportunities for participants to interact, share ideas, and build relationships that will fuel future collaborations and drive innovation within the region.

Dschang’s Potential on Display

The energy and talent showcased during the week were a true testament to the burgeoning tech scene Dschang has to offer. It highlighted the immense potential that lies within Cameroon’s western regions, waiting to be nurtured and unleashed.

The CITS24 Journey Continues

The innovation train keeps moving! CITS24’s regional tour continues its march northward, with Garoua in the Grand North region gearing up for its Innovation Week later this month. The excitement is building, and the grand finale in Yaounde this September promises to be a landmark event.

Join the Movement!

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