In the wake of the successful Grand Nord Innovation Week, the city of Bertoua is abuzz with anticipation as it prepares to host its own Innovation Week. This event-packed week promises to be a celebration of creativity, entrepreneurship, and sustainability, featuring a diverse range of activities tailored to the theme of “Tech-Powered Ecotourism for a Thriving East Region.”

The Bertoua Innovation Week will kick off with the highly anticipated 48-Hour Hackathon(28th – 30th April), where talented individuals from various backgrounds will come together to brainstorm and develop innovative solutions that leverage technology for sustainable tourism practices. Teams will collaborate intensively for two days, fueled by their passion for ecotourism and the desire to make a positive impact on the region’s environment and economy.

Following the Hackathon, the Innovators Meetup(1st may)will provide a platform for entrepreneurs, innovators, and industry experts to connect, exchange ideas, and foster collaborations. This gathering of like-minded individuals will be a melting pot of innovation, offering opportunities for networking, mentorship, and potential partnerships to further advance the cause of sustainable tourism in the East Region.

The Pitch Masterclass(2nd May)will be a key highlight, providing participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively present their ideas and projects. Renowned speakers and experienced entrepreneurs will share valuable insights and techniques to help innovators refine their pitches and captivate potential investors and partners.

Pitch Friday(3rd may) will be an exciting event where participants from the Hackathon and other budding entrepreneurs will showcase their ideas and projects to a panel of judges and a captivated audience. This platform will allow innovators to pitch their startups/ideas highlighting the positive impact they can have on the region’s environmental sustainability and economic growth. The event will be a culmination of creativity, passion, and entrepreneurial spirit.

In line with the theme of environmental consciousness, the Green Poetry Contest (3rd May)will provide a unique opportunity for poets and spoken word artists to express their love for nature and their vision for a sustainable future through the power of words. The contest will inspire creativity and raise awareness about the importance of preserving the region’s natural beauty.

In addition, the last day of the Bertoua Innovation Week will be a grand celebration, combining the Award Giving Ceremony for the Hackathon winners, Pitch Friday winners and the Green Poetry Contest winners. This day will be dedicated to acknowledging and honoring the outstanding contributions and achievements of individuals and teams who have demonstrated remarkable innovation, creativity, and commitment to sustainable tourism in the East Region.

Throughout the Bertoua Innovation Week, participants will have the chance to immerse themselves in a vibrant atmosphere of learning, collaboration, and inspiration. The event aims to foster a sense of community and empower individuals to become agents of positive change, harnessing technology and creativity for a thriving and sustainable future.

As the Bertoua Innovation Week approaches, excitement and anticipation are building among the local community. The city is ready to showcase its commitment to ecotourism, innovation, and environmental stewardship, while inspiring and empowering a new generation of entrepreneurs and change-makers.