• Participants get drawn towards Crafting Compelling Pitches
  • Masterclass Unveils Expert Strategies for Startup Success

During the recent Grand Nord Innovation Week, the Cameroon International Tech Summit (CITS) proudly engaged participants in specialized training sessions aimed at enhancing their pitching skills for startups and businesses. Over 200 attendees had the unique opportunity to witness the renowned “Bohikor Pitch” firsthand and receive mentoring on modern marketing strategies. CITS takes pride in its mission to empower participants with essential skills in technology and innovation, implying that at each location they visit, they focus on honing pitching techniques, ensuring that startups they support are equipped to thrive and attract investors even after the summit concludes.

The Pitch Masterclass held on April 4th at the Ribadou Hotel aimed to unite innovators, entrepreneurs, and technology enthusiasts from the Far North, North, and Adamawa regions in a comprehensive training session on pitching to various types of investors. Engineer Effansa Simon Balemba captivated over 200 attendees with his insights and practical guidance on pitching, drawing from his startup Bohikor.

The Pitch Masterclass Becomes “World Effansa Day”

Engineer Effansa Simon with Masterclass

The Grand Nord Pitch Masterclass left a lasting impression as one of the most captivating events during the CITS journey, earning the nickname “Effansa Day” based on feedback from other regions. Engineer Effansa Simon Balemba, a seasoned venture builder and CEO of Bohikor led the session titled “How to Build a Compelling Pitch to Hook Investors.” With over a decade of experience, he shared his startup journey, emphasizing the challenges and rewards.

“Listen very carefully, the initial supporters of any startup idea are often your ‘FFFs’: friends, family, and fools. They believe in you even if they don’t fully grasp your vision. Pay close attention to this pitch to learn how to attract broader investor interest.

Engr. Effansa Simon Balemba

Effansa employed his “6P framework” to guide participants on key considerations when pitching: Problem, Product, People, Proof, Process, and Profit. He emphasized the importance of testing their pitch hooks and identifying the right audience for resonance

The Famous Bohikor Pitch

A highlight of every Pitching day is the Bohikor Pitch, where Engr. Effansa presents his Start-up within a specified time frame, offering participants a firsthand pitching experience. During the Grand Nord Innovation Week, he addressed the prevalent issue of financial instability among salary earners in the CEMAC zone, underscoring Bohikor’s mission to foster financial freedom for Cameroonians.

Effansa eloquently articulated the core problem Bohikor seeks to solve: despite receiving salaries, many individuals in the CEMAC zone struggle due to a lack of foundational personal finance knowledge, hindering their financial growth. Bohikor aims to bridge this gap by empowering Cameroonians with essential financial literacy and tools for sustainable wealth creation.

The Marketing Session

Nantcha introducing Fiverr

Following the impactful pitch, attendees engaged in an insightful session led by entrepreneurship expert Kizito Nantcha, centered on “Exploring Opportunities.” Nantcha introduced Fiverr, an esteemed online marketplace, illustrating various strategies participants could leverage to establish, market, and grow their ventures.Nantcha’s session delved into the nuances of starting on Fiverr, from selecting services to building a robust reputation.

Attendees gained practical insights on optimizing their offerings, attracting clients, and fostering business growth through digital platforms.The interactive Q&A that ensued provided a platform for participants to clarify doubts and gain further guidance on applying these strategies effectively. Many expressed eagerness to implement newfound knowledge in their entrepreneurial journeys, inspired by the comprehensive training offered at the Grand Nord Innovation Week.

CITS’ Commitment to Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Cameroon International Tech Summit (CITS) remains steadfast in its commitment to nurturing local ecosystems and fostering technological innovation and entrepreneurship across Cameroon and beyond. Through initiatives like the Pitch Masterclass and targeted training sessions, CITS empowers participants with the skills and insights needed to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

Each innovation week serves as a catalyst for growth, bringing together diverse personalities and industry experts to share knowledge and inspire action. As CITS continues its journey, the impact of these initiatives reverberates, fueling a wave of innovation and transformation throughout the nation.