CITS Publishes new dates for Innovation week

  • Winners Stand to Gain Prizes Worth Over $5000
  • The Week’s Events Tailored for Participants and Innovators

After meticulous planning and preparation, the CITS team is poised to ignite the Grand Nord with an unparalleled burst of innovation. Embarking on a week-long journey cutting across three crucial regions Far North, North, and Adamawa the team aims to tackle one of the area’s most pressing issues: access to quality education. As updated by the CITS core team, the innovation week will unfold in Garoua from March 31st to April 5th, with the theme “Learning Beyond Walls: Harnessing Artificial Intelligence for Education in Cameroon’s North.”

Having previously made significant strides in the local economies of the Northwest and West Regions by addressing agricultural and climatic challenges, CITS now turns its focus to the educational sector. The goal is to identify and address the hurdles hindering access to traditional classrooms and harness the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance the educational landscape. The Grand Nord Innovation Week promises to be a pivotal event in this endeavor.

48-Hour Hackathon (March 31st – 2nd)

The Innovation Week will kick off with a 48-hour Hackathon centered around the theme of “Learning Beyond Walls: Harnessing Artificial Intelligence for Education in Cameroon’s North.” Hackers will delve into the intricacies of the educational system and the challenges faced by northern communities. Guided by educational experts, participants will explore key Hackathon principles and learn to craft compelling narratives. Mentors from diverse backgrounds will provide direction on research, design, user experience, pitching, and engaging with investors. By the end of the Hackathon, teams are expected to develop practical solutions to benefit the Grand Nord community.

Innovators Meetup (March 3rd)

In keeping with tradition, CITS will convene with stakeholders, innovators, and tech enthusiasts in the Grand Nord community. The Innovators Meetup will feature insightful panel discussions moderated by project leaders, as well as fireside chats. This platform offers an opportunity for entrepreneurs and startup owners to engage with stakeholders, seek solutions to community challenges, and foster accessibility to opportunities.

Pitch Masterclasses (March 4th)

Are you prepared to pitch your business to investors?The Pitch Masterclasses will equip startup owners and entrepreneurs with the necessary skills. Led by seasoned venture builders, these sessions will cover the fundamentals of effective pitching. Participants will engage in hands-on exercises, including presenting to investors, to refine their pitch strategies. This day is crucial for sparking innovation and empowering stakeholders to address regional challenges.

Pitch Friday (March 5th)

Pitch Friday marks the culmination of the Innovation Week a day dedicated to showcasing the most promising startups and solutions. Entrepreneurs from across the region will present their ideas to a panel of judges, vying for cash prizes and recognition. Only the most compelling and reliable solutions will earn the coveted awards.

Cash Prize

CITS has allocated over $5000 in cash prizes for Innovation Week winners. Cheques will be awarded at the Pitch Friday event, with special recognition for an all-girls team. The top three teams from the Hackathon will also have the opportunity to represent their regions at a national Hackathon scheduled for September 2024 in Yaoundé.

Registration is still open for the 48-hour Hackathon and other events. Don’t miss your chance to participate and make a difference.Register your team of five here:

Join us as we harness innovation to transform education and drive economic growth in the Grand Nord. Together, we can create a brighter future for Cameroon’s North