• Accomplishing Goal to Educate Masses on Developing Sustainable Solutions
  • Human Impact on Environment Addressed by Guest Speaker

The Cameroon International Tech Summit, from conception, continues to uphold its goal: fostering innovation, technology, entrepreneurship and sustainability, in all communities. This commitment led the team to dedicate time to educate their national and international audiences on key aspects related to their development and progress. The webinar, held under the theme “How to Develop Green Tech Solutions for Environmental Impact,” addressed significant problem-solving points, emphasizing the potential of young individuals to innovate solutions addressing community and national challenges.

The online event, hosted on Stream Yard, was led by the CITS Communications Officer, Pamela Nga, who conducted an introductory session, engaging the audience and setting the tone for the webinar’s objectives. Joining her was Sustainability and Social Impact Expert, Ruth Olowosile, who further delved into the theme, highlighting major points discussed in this narrative.

Ruth Olowosile and Creating Greentech Solutions for Environmental Impact

Ruth Olowosile

Ruth commenced by involving the audience in a masterclass, underlining how human actions continue to adversely affect the environment. Nonetheless, she emphasized the positive aspect: humans have the capacity to mitigate these impacts through technology and innovation. She stressed that the type of impact individuals choose to make is crucial.

The Greentech Prototype

The centerpiece of the webinar was a masterclass on Greentech Prototypes. Ruth guided the audience through four fundamental steps necessary for developing a functional green tech prototype: Human-centered Design, Prototype Development (either hardware or software), Product Strategy (involving competitive analysis and business models), and Green Criteria (related to energy efficiency and lifestyle assessments).

Demonstration of Greentech Prototype

“We cannot overlook the effect of human impact on the environment; that’s why Green tech solutions are crucial for community growth and global welfare. Our century is open for them, so don’t hesitate to create prototypes aimed at solving significant solutions to uplift communities. I believe CITS has provided the platform for that, enabling you to access the resources needed to foster innovation so make use of it,”

Ruth Olowosite, Sustainability and Social Impact Expert.

Ruth urged innovators to prioritize Human-Centered Design when creating prototypes, as it fosters user-friendly solutions that address problems, solicit user feedback, offer ease of navigation, and promote sustainability. She emphasized that innovators hold the responsibility to define the steps of the innovation process to ensure its success.

The guest speaker emphasized that Africa, as a focal point, greatly needs innovation, which begins with strategic planning. She advocated for engaging audiences in product strategy, incorporating competitive analysis, user research, and a robust business model. She cautioned innovators that products lacking scalability and feedback are not viable.The session concluded with Ruth Olowosite engaging viewers in a Question-and-Answer session, further exploring ways to empower communities.

The Cameroon International Tech Summit aims to revolutionize the technology ecosystem, with this webinar being one of many discussions leading up to the grand event in Yaoundé. As the CITS team prepares for the Grand Nord Innovation Week, they aspire to make a significant impact by uniting the North, Far North, and Adamawa regions for a mega Innovation week.