Project Lead Assures Grand Nord a Pivotal Spot in Cameroon’s Tech Future

The Cameroon International Tech Summit aims to supercharge local economies and enhance their presence on a large scale, enabling them to create impacts nationally and internationally. Hence, one of the focal points of every innovation week in the national tour is the innovators meetup. This meetup provides an opportunity for startup owners, technology leads, entrepreneurs, and innovators to discuss the future of tech ecosystems in their region. The Grand Nord Innovation Week has been no exception, commencing with an electrifying 48-hour hackathon.

Before traveling to the Grand Nord Region, thorough research was conducted, identifying key stakeholders who could contribute to the burgeoning spread of technology represented by CITS. This time, the innovators meetup attracted participants from the three regions merged for this mega gathering. The objective was to explore how CITS could assist local economies in laying a foundation before departing from Grand Nord. The meetup comprised three major segments: a keynote speech from the Project Lead, a Panel Discussion, and entrepreneurship training.

1st Session: The Transformation Talk

The innovators meetup commenced with a keynote address delivered by the CITS Project Lead and CEO of Mountain Hub, Ayuk Etta. During this session, the investor and CEO shared his remarkable journey from poverty to success, illustrating how technology transformed his life. He emphasized how technology could change mindsets and create opportunities for impact if individuals remain determined. Etta stressed the importance of building relationships and networking for success.

“If I have to choose between money and people, I will choose people. I believe that it is very important. That is why we are here today, because we choose you to be part of our journey, and we strongly believe that this community is filled with a lot of hope and that is all we need.”

CITS Project Lead / CEO Mountain Hub Ayuk Etta

2nd Session : The Panel Discussion

Grand Nord Stakeholders in Panel Session

Following an introduction by the CEO of Mountain Hub, panelists took the stage to discuss issues concerning ecosystem development. Chaired by Ayuk Etta, the panel included stakeholders Touza Isaac, Djonfabe Etienne, Samira, and Roukayata. Throughout the session, panelists addressed three questions, offering valuable insights based on their experiences.

The questions included:

  • What cultural shifts are necessary for a thriving ecosystem?
  • What regulatory and bureaucratic challenges do startups and innovators face?
  • What infrastructure is needed to build a tech ecosystem?

Panelists provided diverse responses tailored to their regions and communities. Touza Isaac highlighted the importance of inclusivity, valuing digital skills, fair compensation, and self-worth among tech personnel. Samira emphasized the role of women in the ecosystem and advocated for their empowerment and collaboration. Djonfabe Etienne and Roukayata addressed additional barriers such as cultural constraints and inadequate education, stressing the need for government support.

Session Three: Training on Entrepreneurship

Following the panel discussion, attendees participated in a session led by entrepreneurship expert Kizito Nantcha, focusing on enhancing leadership and entrepreneurship skills. The session emphasized the distinctions between entrepreneurs, the self-employed, and employees in terms of mindset, approach to work, and success.

The innovators meetup serves as a crucial platform for the CITS team and community stakeholders to collaborate on enhancing the tech ecosystem for the benefit of the entire community. As the Grand North Innovation Week progresses, upcoming events include the Pitch Masterclass facilitated by CEO of Bohikor and seasoned venture builder Effansa Simon, as well as the Pitch Friday where startups will present to seasoned investors.