• Over 100 Hackers Attend Record-Breaking 48-Hour Hackathon at Hotel Le Ribadou, Garoua
  • Innovation Week Yields Commitment from Hackers to Solve Community Issues Amid Ramadan

The Cameroon International Tech Summit (CITS) has launched the third Innovation Week as part of their national tour aimed at creating a thriving ecosystem backed by Technology, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability in Cameroon. The mega and unified Grand Nord Innovation Week, which brought together three major regions of the country, the Far North Region, North Region, and Adamawa, unfolded at one of the top hotels in Garoua, Hotel Le Ribadou, on March 31st, 2024, to address contemporary issues.

As per the traditions of the Cameroon International Tech Summit (CITS), the core team ensures that every region is studied, and proper issues are raised so that participants can create impactful and tailored solutions to aid in the growth of their communities. At the Grand Nord, the 48-hour hackathon will be centered on Education, linked with artificial intelligence. The theme of the Grand Nord hackathon is “Learning Beyond Walls – Artificial Intelligence Powered For Cameroon’s North”, aimed at reimagining education in Cameroon and exploring the potential of artificial intelligence to transform education.

The Innovation Week aims to reach out to the entire population of the Far North, North, and Adamawa regions through a 48-hour hackathon, Innovators meetup, Pitch Masterclass, Pitch Friday and a Green Poetry contest. The Grand Nord Innovation Week witnessed the highest number of registrations and project submissions, with 30 teams seeking a chance to showcase their prowess, 21 teams selected, and 19 teams on the ground ready to create impactful solutions to help their regions.

Opening Ceremony In View

CEO/ Mountain Hub Ayuk Etta with Opening Speech

After months of preparation and a successful landing in Garoua, the Cameroon International Tech Summit’s (CITS) core team made available accommodations to ensure that the participants had a great stay during the Innovation Week. Upon arrival, guests, mentors, and participants were ready to start the innovation week with the 48-hour hackathon. The Innovation Week commenced with an opening speech from the CITS Project lead, Ayuk Etta, who addressed the hackers and guests, congratulating and encouraging everyone who decided to join the movement and shared the goals CITS hopes to achieve in the Grand Nord.

Moments after checking into their various suites and settling in for the hackathon, participants were ready to create impact. The hackers benefited from the first masterclass conducted by the Research and Development Director of MountainHub, Mr. Martin Elonge, who engaged them in core values involved in building a research mindset. The research expert showcased his prowess by guiding the participants through subtopics in research, including the research mindset, adopting a research mindset, the processes involved in implementing a mentality of research, research techniques, and other practical aspects of research. This segment opened the minds of the participants to accept major concepts brought before them and better tackle issues related to the suggested theme.

Hackathon and Ramadan

Participants in their Hijabs

One of the unique features of the Grand Nord Innovation Week is that it is taking place at a time when Ramadan is almost at its peak. Ramadan is commonly known as a time for spiritual reflection, self-improvement, and worship for Muslims around the world. During this time, Muslims are expected to fast, pray, and abstain from other sinful behaviors. The Grand Nord region of Cameroon hosts a huge number of Muslims who are equally participating not only in the hackathon but in the entirety of the Innovation Week. There is hope that CITS will use this solemn period to create an impact that touches the communities in the North and creates a sustainable and thriving tech ecosystem.

The Grand Nord Innovation Week is expected to run from March 31st to April 5th, with the 48-hour hackathon, Innovators meetup, Pitch Masterclass, Pitch Friday, and Green Poetry contest aimed at creating a formidable ecosystem in Cameroon’s North and on a bigger picture, supercharging the national economy with Technology, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability.