• Dschang Innovators Join the Road to CITS  
  • JFN Group President and Former Afriland Boss Sparks Innovation Spirit in Participants

The Cameroon International Tech Summit journey has advanced to the West region of Cameroon, where it commenced with an impactful opening ceremony to kickstart the “Dschang Innovation Week,” scheduled to run from February 25th to March 1st. This week-long event started with a 48 hour Hackathon organized under the theme “Climate-Smart Agriculture and Food Security.” Over 200 individuals, comprising mentors, trainers, organizers, and young innovators, gathered at the region’s premier hotel, Adys Hotel, to establish a foundation for innovation and the promotion of sustainable technology in Dschang and throughout the country.

The CEO of Mountain Hub, also serving as CITS project lead, Ayuk Etta, emphasized the significance of innovation and entrepreneurship to young people and the entire country. He stated that the Cameroon International Tech Summit aims to create an ecosystem that fosters sustainable innovation and technology through various forms of problem-solving nationwide. “I believe that young people have the potential to generate innovative ideas and promote sustainable development. Therefore, we are here to supercharge that innovative community and bring about unique solutions that could benefit your community. I urge you all to seize this great opportunity that has been provided to you,” Ayuk said.

The highlight of the opening ceremony was a keynote speech from the President of JFN Group and former General Manager of Afriland First Bank, Mr. Alphonse Nafack, who expressed his appreciation to the CITS organizing team. He underscored the importance of technology in community development, especially in providing young people with technology and programs. With Google Cloud as a focal point, he assured participants of opportunities and exposure for meritorious teams due to their hard work and collaboration in technology and innovation. “I am impressed to see such innovative competitions flourishing across Cameroon, and today we are in Dschang. The message I want to convey to you is that you have the resources at your disposal in your quest for innovation, and I guarantee that your projects will soar through the collaborations we are forging every day,” Mr. Nafack added.

The participants benefited from agriculture-related discussions aimed at elucidating the hackathon theme and opening their minds to providing solutions in their communities. Climate change enthusiasts in Dschang, Clietsa Gloria and Mbog Mbog Tongmam, took the time to educate the participants on the effects of human and natural hazards on climate and how they could adopt more climate-smart practices in their communities.

Following the CITS culture, the participants received their first masterclass, educating them on the rules of hackathons and guiding them toward success. The masterclass tutor, Mr. Effansa Simon, provided insights on ground rules, preparation tips, hackathon norms, experiences, presenting solutions, and success formulas for hackathons.

The subsequent session focused on research methods for their work and how they could collect qualitative and quantitative data. Mr. Martin Elonge conducted an interactive presentation, coaching participants on incorporating research into their work, utilizing research effectively, and addressing the challenges they may encounter during research and development while solving issues and promoting development.

Furthermore, the Cameroon International Tech Summit and its partners have undertaken the responsibility of igniting the spirit of technology and innovation in the West region for young innovators. This explains why all participants committed to conducting research and spending 48 hours developing impactful solutions for their community, leveraging them to advance the West Region and the country as a whole.

The winners of the hackathon will receive cash prizes, merchandise, and, most importantly, knowledge and experience to enhance technology and innovation in the West region. The hackathon is expected to run for 48 hours and conclude on Tuesday, March 27th, at noon, when participants will present their solutions before a jury.