Build Up to Cameroon

Int'l Tech Summit 2024


  • Part of 10 city pre-events for the CITS2024 summit in September.
  • Engages and commits local startups community in a participatory development quest in line with current challenges, guided by the sustainable development goals.
Green Hack Bertoua

48-hour hackathon on the theme: Technology powered ecotourism.

Innovators Meetup

Discuss ecosystem gaps and solutions

Pitch Masterclass

Train on pitching skills for Entrepreneurs and Innovators

Pitch Friday

Pitch event for startups to recuit early users and raise funding

Green Hack Bertoua

48-hour hackathon focused on solving pressing city problems. Green Hack Bertoua will focus on technology-powered ecotourism.

  • Open to software developers, engineers, designers, business experts, innovators, eco-experts, Agriculture domain experts, and entrepreneurs.

  • Teams prototype solutions for issues like waste management, traffic, energy, food security, wildlife preservation, deforestation etc.

  • The winning teams get XAF 2,400,000 prize and mentorship opportunities during follow-up and incubation and Opportunity to participate in Mega Hackathon during the CITS24 Summit Week.

Innovators Meetup

Convenes 100+ local startup founders, tech
experts, investors, academics

• Discusses challenges like funding, talent,
infrastructure, regulations

• Enables networking and knowledge sharing

• Develop collaborative solutions to grow the
innovation ecosystem

• Jointly design and adopt an innovation model
specific to this region

Discuss challenges centered around technology-powered ecotourism in the East Region of Cameroon.

Pitch Master Class

2-day workshop equips 100+ entrepreneurs
with skills to pitch effectively

• Highlights pitch structure, delivery, slide
design, storytelling, cost structure, business
model, and Q&A

• Led by expert pitch coaches

• Prepares entrepreneurs for
Friday's pitching event

Pitch Friday

15 entrepreneurs pitch business ideas
to audiences and investors

• 5-minute pitch followed by Q&A

• Investors provide feedback and may
invest in strong startups

• Best pitch wins XAF 600,000 prize for
startup capital


Week Goals:

Forge collaborative networks to strengthen the startup ecosystem

Provide capacity building for youth and women entrepreneurs

Spotlight East Region's entrepreneurial potential

Increase access to funding and markets for innovative solutions

Inspire innovation and problem-solving to drive economic growth

Identify fundamental and pressing challenges hindering tourism in the East Region

Bring to light remarkable innovations leveraging from the creativity and innovative capabilities of the East’s Youth Capital.

Request For Support

We seek support to make these events
successful and impactful

• Requests: venue, publicity, event staff,
transportation, equipment

• Cash prices for Winning teams or

• Sponsor logos/branding will be
featured prominently across events


CITS24 is committed to positively impacting
Cameroon, Africa, and the world, and we do this
by addressing the most pressing issues facing
humanity. That's why we're proud to announce
that we'll focus on the Sustainable Development

Goals (SDGs) 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 15, 16, and 17.
By working towards achieving these goals, we
aim to create a world where everyone has
access to the resources they need to thrive,
where communities are resilient and sustainable,
and where economic growth is inclusive and

Join us in making a difference, and
let's create a better future for all.

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